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    Business Consulting

    Consulting solutions for the aerospace industry

    From line maintenance to heavy checks, a well-maintained airplane performs better. And when customers need expert support, we’re ready to make their airplanes operate at their best.

    Maintenance & Engineering

    Maintenance & Engineering

    Airplanes generate returns when they fly, not when they sit idle. The Boeing team helps airlines and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facilities rapidly diagnose systemic problems with maintenance, engineering, servicing, planning, troubleshooting and logistics support. Utilizing our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) knowledge and proprietary methods, Boeing can quickly pinpoint root causes of problems and recommend specific changes to fix airplane issues, improve the dependability of the fleet, and support an airline’s fleet plan.

    The Maintenance and Engineering practice offers the following consulting services:

    • Component Reliability
    • Inventory Optimization
    • Lean Maintenance and Best Practices
    • Maintenance Management Process Studies

    Information Technology

    IT and Cyber Security

    Airline operations stand to benefit from rapid technology changes onboard aircraft, at the gate, and in data centers. Information Technology (IT) departments have joined forces with the avionics and engineering departments to provide secure end-to-end solutions. The Boeing team of business consultants have thorough understanding of emerging technologies and the expertise in IT, avionics, engineering, and information security to accelerate airline growth through strategic technology initiatives.

    The Information Technology practice offers the following consulting services:

    • Information Security
    • Mobility
    • E-enabling
    • System Integration
    • IT Solutions
    • Analytics